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Make your kid a tale hero!


We want to create a new level of story reading immersion, where the main character is your child.


It will encourage children to read, and because they identify with a story hero, they will draw a conclusion from the story and get more involved.



How does Deeptale work?

Based on the photo, the image of your child, but also his clothes and toys, will be transformed into a fairy tale preserving cartoon like style.

You can choose from many styles, choosing the most suitable and interesting one. It’s a perfect gift for your relatives, as reading together combines great fun as well as learning an important lesson.


How does Deeptale work?



Transforming the image of your child into a fairy tale, as well as clothes and favorite toys.


Adjusting face expression depending on story moment.


For everyone

You can choose from a variety of tale styles. Knights or wizards, we have them all!



Try out our fully automated process of creating a personalized fairy tale!



We care about our planet. From the very beginning, we are carbon-neutral.

Our Books


Eliza Piotrowska introduces:

Ocean Dream

Text: Eliza Piotrowska
Illustrations: Eiza Piotrowska
Expected date: 06/2022
Theme: Underwater world
Pages: : 28-32
Format: 24x24

34.99 24.99 EUR*

28.99 19.99 GBP*

Justyna Bednarek introduces:

TBA #2

Text: Justyna Bednarek
Illustrations: Katarzyna Bajerowicz
Expected date: 12/2022
Theme: Christmas
Pages : 28-32
Format: 24x24

34.99 24.99 EUR*

28.99 19.99 GBP*

 *Does not include shipping costs

    Our team


    Entrepreneur and PhD in mathematics. Dad of two children, who are his main inspiration for Deep Tale.



    Serial entrepreneur and engineer with international experience. Dad of Zuzia, Pola and Ignacy.


    Head of AI

    Over 10 years of experience in machine learning and computer vision.


    Senior ML Engineer

    Machine learning enthusiast focusing on computer vision and brain- computer interfaces.


    ML Engineer

    Passionate machine learning engineer with 4+ years of experience in computer vision projects.


    ML Engineer

    He has a deep interest in machine learning, cyber security, and applications of mathematics in computer science.


    Product Manager

    Has a lot of enthusiasm for new, emerging technologies.


    ML Engineer

    She’s interested in machine learning and is especially fascinated with it’s application in neuroinformatics.


    Senior ML Engineer

    He specializes in designing and implementing ML solutions.


    Product Manager

    She has over ten years of experience in academic publishing and movie distribution industry.


    Attorney at law

    Specialist in investment and personal data processing.


    Art Specialist

    Professional in copywriting and with growing experience in graphics. Passionate about arts.


    Investors & Advisors


    Bussines angel, founder & CTO of NoMagic. The main themes of Marek’s research interests are applications of deep learning based computer vision methods.

    Marek Cygan


    Bussines angel, co-founder and vice president of engineering at Snowflake Computing (SNOW:NYSE).

    Marcin Żukowski


    Over 15 years of experience in business development, product development in publishing & children's products market.

    Marta Konior


    In DeepTale we believe, that innovations can change the world. However, we are unable to do everything by ourselves. That is why we are open for any kind of cooperation. If you are an investor, or an artist, get in touch with us and help us create a new level of story reading immersion!